Founders & Supporters

Mr. Yusuf Tiwari, President
As a former Municipal Counsellor representing Ramsheela ward, I had the opportunity to work closely with the Nagar Palika Parishad, Almora and develop a network of support in the town. I am an active member of the Vyapar Mandal and am keen on working with my fellow shop-keepers to keep the market clean. I am closely involved with a State-wide youth movement engaged in social change.

Dr Vasudha Pant, Secretary
I have always been sensitive towards the hill environment and its people. Being an agricultural scientist, my focus has been on sustaining agriculture in the Himalayan belt, to which I belong. For a long time, I have been associated with several local organizations working for the conservation of biodiversity, preservation of local traditional knowledge systems of the region and their relevance for sustenance in today's changing conditions.My experience of ‘lab to farm’ introduced me to the villages of Uttarakhand, its inter- as well as intra-crop diversity and the practical utility of research in the hills. I believe that economic development, employment generation and conservation of bio-diversity in our region requires a combination of technical advice from academicians and practical inputs from villagers based on their traditional knowledge.


Asha D’Souza, Treasurer
I came to live in Almora in 2011 and love the mountains. I couldn’t bear to see them disfigured by mounds of garbage. After spending half my life in Switzerland, a country where cleanliness is an obsession, I felt I had to do something to prevent waste being scattered and randomly burnt. I had already worked on this in Bangalore on a project called WasteWise that improved working conditions for street youth who made a living from selling recyclables. Residents of certain neighbourhoods agreed to segregate their waste and pay the waste picker for picking it up daily on their doorstep. As a result, those neighbourhoods became cleaner, the waste pickers earned more, they could work with dignity and benefit from a health, education and savings programme after doing the morning round.This scheme for environment and worker-friendlywaste management worked well in Bangalore, so why not in Almora?
I’ve worked all my life on local economic development and women’s empowerment and do believe that social change is possible with the participation of the local community.

and many others…

The women don’t have a monopoly … a number of men have played a major part in launching Green Hills - Mr. Shekhar Lakhchaura, Advocate, Mr. Hem Joshi, Teacher, Mr. Dinesh Raj, Social Worker and in sustaining it… Mr. M. C. Joshi, Organic Farmer, Mr. Ashish Joshi, Social activist, Mr. Bhupendra Waldia, Entrepreneur, the Principals, teachers and students of High Schools in Almora and the members of our Youth Committee.

We are grateful to the following persons and institutions for their financial support:
Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC)
Mrs. Katie Baan
Professor D. P. Agarwal of the Britpalji Pannalalji Smriti Nyas
Mr. Pankaj Pant
Mrs. Lajja Pant of the Pandit Hargovind Pant and Col Charu Chandra Pant Memorial Trust
The Almora Urban Cooperative Bank