Sites we like

Green Hills Observer - Regular, in-depth information on plants of Uttarakhand like nettle and hemp.

  • Angie's Tips Eight-year old Reese Braxton found this link to Angie‚Äôs tips for green living. Things like recycling, composting, saving energy and using natural cleaning products are steps that every family can take to keep our blue planet habitable.
  • Solar Power As the world seeks to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by switching to renewable energy, here's a site that Allie, a third grade student found, that tells you all about solar power.
  • Chintan India Films on creating a circular economy.
  • Waste Warriors A dynamic group of young persons led by Jody Underhill who are cleaning up parts of Dehradun as well as the mountain paths used for trekking.
  • Daily Dump An organisation based in Bengaluru that sells composters made by local potters for aerobic composting of kitchen waste.
  • Join the Pod A community of schools in the United Kingdom working on understanding energy, science and sustainability. Schools can register and make use of a load of teaching materials.
  • GAIA - The Global Alliance for Incinerator Alternatives whose vision is a toxic-free world without incineration.