Education Materials

Much needs to be done to bring back the kind of civic and environmental consciousness that characterised our freedom struggle and still surfaces in movements such as Chipko and the Narbada Bachao Andolan. Most people see the need for change but expect the initiative to be taken by government. Highly motivated citizens’ groups can make a difference. A good place to start is to raise awareness among youth, since it is their future which is at stake.

Here are some films and presentations that can help light the spark that changes attitudes…

Save our world (2010, 3 minutes) An animated film on mitigating climate change through recycling. Suitable for children from age 6 onwards.

Three Plastic bottles (2015, 4 minutes) How are plastic bottles made and what happens to the ones that are thrown away. Suitable for children aged 10 and more.

Plastic waste recycling (2013, 5 minutes) A short film in Hindi on the three R’s and plastic recycling. Suitable for children from age 10 onwards.

Plastic soup: the Great Pacific Patch (2012, 4 minutes) A video on plastic pollution of the ocean. Suitable for children above 10 years.

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